Speech Prosody 2002 - an international conference



Aix-en-Provence, France, 11-13 April 2002

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Oral session, 11 April 2002 -- Prosody and Emotion

Mozziconacci, S.J.
Prosody and Emotions
Wichmann, A.
Attitudinal Intonation and the Inferential Process
Zei Pollermann, B.
A Place for Prosody in a Unified Model of Cognition and Emotion

Oral session, 11 April 2002 -- Prosody and Speech Technology

Wightman, C.W.
ToBI Or Not ToBI?
Li, A.
Chinese Prosody and Prosodic Labeling of Spontaneous Speech
Mixdorff, H.
Speech Technology, ToBI and Making Sense of Prosody

Oral session, 12 April 2002 -- Prosody and Syntactic, Semantic, Pragmatic Interpretation

Gussenhoven, C.
Intonation and Interpretation: Phonetics and Phonology
Fretheim, T.
Intonation as a Constraint on Inferential Processing
Hirschberg, J.
The Pragmatics of Intonational Meaning

Oral session, 12 April 2002 -- Prosody and the Brain

Toepel, U.; Alter, K.
Cerebral Strategies in the Segmentation and Interpretation of Speech
Pell, M.
Surveying Emotional Prosody in the Brain
Fodor, J.
Psycholinguistics Cannot Escape Prosody

Oral session, 13 April 2002 -- Lexical Prosody and Phonemic Alignment

Xu, Y.
Articulatory Constraints and Tonal alignment
D'Imperio, M.
Language-Specific and Universal Constraints on Tonal Alignment: The Nature of Targets and "Anchors"
van Santen, J.P.
Quantitative Modeling of Pitch Accent Alignment

Oral session, 13 April 2002 -- Prosody and Linguistic Typology

Ramus, F.
Acoustic Correlates of Linguistic Rhythm: Perspectives
Cummins, F.
Speech Rhythm and Rhythmic Taxonomy
Grabe, E.
Variation Adds to Prosodic Typology


Arnold, K.M.; Jusczyk, P.W.
Text-to-tune Alignment in Speech and Song
Astesano, C.; Bard, E.G.; Turk, A.E.
Functions of the French Initial Accent: A Preliminary Study
Asu, E.L.
Downtrends in Different Types of Question in Estonian
Atterer, M.
Assigning Prosodic Structure for Speech Synthesis: A Rule-Based Approach
Aubergé, V.
A Gestalt Morphology of Prosody Directed by Functions: The Example of a Step by Step Model Developed at ICP
Aufterbeck, M.
Aspects of Prehead and Onset: The Onset Onglide Phenomenon
Bagou, O.; Fougeron, C.; Frauenfelder, U.
Contribution of Prosody to the Segmentation and Storage of "Words" in the Acquisition of a New Mini-Language
Barbosa, P.A.
Explaining Cross-Linguistic Rhythmic Variability via a Coupled-Oscillator Model of Rhythm Production
Batusek, R.
A Duration Model for Czech Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Bertrand, R.; Espesser, R.
Voice Diversity in Conversation: a Case Study
Birch, B.A.
The IP as the Domain of Syllabification
Bishop, J.B.
'Stress Accent' without Phonetic Stress: Accent Type and Distribution in Bininj Gun-wok
Botinis, A.; Bannert, R.; Fourakis, M.; Pagoni-Tetlow, S.
Crosslinguistic Segmental Durations and Prosodic Typology
Boula de Mareüil, P.; Célérier, P.; Toen, J.
Generation of Emotions by a Morphing Technique in English, French and Spanish
Bouzon, C.; Hirst, D.J.
The Influence of Prosodic Factors on the Duration of Words in British English
Caelen-Haumont, G.
Perlocutory Values and Functions of Melisms in Spontaneous Dialogue
Campione, E.; Véronis, J.
A Large-Scale Multilingual Study of Silent Pause Duration
Cao, J.; Zhu, W.
Syntactic and Lexical Constraint in Prosodic Segmentation and Grouping
Cardeñoso-Payo, V.; Escudero Mancebo, D.D.
Statistical Modelling of Stress Groups in Spanish
Chen, Y.
Accentual Lengthening of Monosyllabic-Constituents in Beijing Mandarin
Chen, A.; Gussenhoven, C.; Rietveld, T.
Language-specific Uses of the Effort Code
Chung, H.
Duration Models and the Perceptual Evaluation of Spoken Korean
Claßen, K.
Realisations of Nuclear Pitch Accents in Swabian Dialect and Parkinson's Dysarthria: A Preliminary Report
Contini, M.; Lai, J.-P.; Romano, A.; Roullet, S.; Moutinho, L.C.; Coimbra, R.L.; Pereira Bendiha, U.; Ruivo, S.Q.
Un projet d'atlas multimédia prosodique de l'espace roman
Cutugno, F.; D'Anna, L.; Petrillo, M.; Zovato, E.
APA: Towards an Automatic Tool for Prosodic Analysis
Dainora, A.
Does Intonational Meaning Come From Tones or Tunes? Evidence Against a Compositional Approach
Delais-Roussarie, E.; Rialland, A.; Doetjes, J.; Marandin, J.-M.
The Prosody of Post-Focus Sequences in French
Delmonte, R.
A Prosodic Module for Self-Learning Activities
Doetjes, J.; Delais-Roussarie, E.; Sleeman, P.
The Prosody of Left Detached Constituents in French
Dohalska, M.
Rythme ­ le « barrage » pour la perception des noms propres
Durand, P.; Durand-Deska, A.; Gubrynowicz, R.; Marek, B.
Polish: Prosodic Aspects of "Czy" Questions
Ehrette, T.; Chateau, N.; d'Alessandro, C.; Maffiolo, V.
Prosodic Parameters of Perceived Emotions in Vocal Server Voices
Elordieta, G.; Romera, M.
Prosody and Meaning in Interaction: The Case of the Spanish Discourse Functional Unit entonces 'then'
Erdem, C.; Zimmermann, H.G.
Soft Input Feature Selection within Neural Prosody Generation
Erdem, C.; Zimmermann, H.G.
Duration Control by Asymmetric Causal Retro-Causal Neural Networks
Eriksson, A.; Grabe, E.; Traunmüller, H.
Perception of Syllable Prominence by Listeners With and Without Competence in the Tested Language
Fagyal, Z.
Tonal Template for Background Information: The Scaling of Pitch in Utterance-Medial Parentheticals in French
Fant, G.; Kruckenberg, A.; Gustafson, K.; Liljencrants. J.
A New Approach to Intonation Analysis and Synthesis of Swedish
Faraco, M.; Kida, T.; Barbier, M.-L.; Piolat, A.
Didactic Prosody and Notetaking in L1 and L2
Fernandez, R.; Picard, R.W.
Dialog Act Classification from Prosodic Features Using Support Vector Machines
Fletcher, J.; Evans, N.; Round, E.
Left-Edge Tonal Events in Kayardild (Australian): A Typological Perspective
Fletcher, J.; Wales, R.; Stirling, L.; Mushin, I.
A Dialogue Act Analysis of Rises in Australian English Map Task dialogues
Francuzik, K.; Karpinski, M.; Klesta, J.A.
A Preliminary Study of the Intonational Phrase, Nuclear Melody and Pauses in Polish Semi-Spontaneous Narration
Fretheim, T.; van Dommelen, W.A.
Norwegian Intonation and the Resolution of Concessive Anaphora
Friedrich, C.; Kotz, S.A.; Friederici, A.D.; Alter, K.
Pitch Contour Guides Spoken Word Recognition
Frota, S.
The Prosody of Focus: A Case-Study with Cross-Linguistic Implications [Link to sound examples]
Frota, S.; Vigário, M.; Martins, F.
Language Discrimination and Rhythm Classes: Evidence from Portuguese
Galves, A.; Garcia, J.E.; Duarte, D.; Galves, C.
Sonority as a Basis for Rhythmic Class Discrimination
Garcia, J.E.; Gut, U.B.; Galves, A.
Vocale - A Semi-Automatic Annotation Tool for Prosodic Research
Ghazali, S.; Hamdi, R.; Barkat, M.
Speech Rhythm Variation in Arabic Dialects
Gibbon, D.
Prosodic Information in an Integrated Lexicon
Gili Fivela, B.
Tonal Alignment in Two Pisa Italian Peak Accents
Grabe, E.; Post, B.
Intonational Variation in the British Isles
Granström, B.A.; House, D.; Swerts, M.G.
Multimodal Feedback Cues in Human-Machine Interactions
Greenberg, S.; Carvey, H.; Hitchcock, L.
The Relation Between Stress Accent and Pronunciation Variation in Spontaneous American English Discourse
Grønnum, N.; Basbøll, H.
Stød and Length : Acoustic and Cognitive reality?
Gubrynowicz, R.
A Study of Speech Prosody of Subjects with Profound Hearing Loss Recorded at Child Age and 20 Years Later
Gustafson-Capková, S.; Megyesi, B.
Silence and Discourse Context in Read Speech and Dialogues in Swedish
Gut, U.B.; Milde, J.-T.
The Prosody of Nigerian English
Hansson, P.A.
Articulation Rate Variation in South Swedish Phrases
Hedberg, N.A.; Sosa, J.M.
The Prosody of Questions in Natural Discourse
Herment-Dujardin, S.; Hirst, D.J.
Emphasis in English: A Perceptual Study based on Modified Synthetic Speech
Herry, N.; Hirst, D.J.
Subjective and Objective Evaluation of the Prosody of English Spoken by French Speakers: the Contribution of Computer Assisted Learning
Hind, A.
Metrical Patterns and Melodicity in English Contrasted with French
Hirose, K.; Minematsu, N.; Eto, M.
Data-Driven Synthesis of Fundamental Frequency Contours for TTS Systems Based on a Generation Process Model
Hirose, K.; Minematsu, N.; Terao, M.
N-gram Language Modeling of Japanese Using Prosodic Boundaries
Holm, B.; Bailly, G.
Learning the Hidden Structure of Intonation: Implementing Various Functions of Prosody
Hu, F.
A Prosodic Analysis of Wh-words in Standard Chinese
Ishi, C.T.; Hirose, K.; Minematsu, N.
Using Perceptually-related F0- and Power-based Parameters to identify Accent Types of Accentual Phrases
Ito, K.
Ambiguity in Broad Focus and Narrow Focus Interpretation in Japanese [Link to sound examples]
Ito, M.
Japanese Politeness and Suprasegmentals: A Study based on Natural Speech Materials
Kang, S.; Speer, S.R.
Prosody and Clause Boundaries in Korean [Link to sound examples]
Kehrein, R.
The Prosody of Authentic Emotions [Link to sound examples]
Kida, T.
Prosody - A Laughing Matter? A Crosscultural Comparison of a Humour Phenomenon (Rakugo ) in France,Tokyo,and Osaka
Kiriyama, S.; Hirose, K.; Minematsu, N.
Control of Prosodic Focuses for Reply Speech Generation in a Spoken Dialogue System of Information Retrieval on Academic Documents
Kitazawa, S.; Kitamura, T.; Mochizuki, K.; Itoh, T.
Periodicity of Japanese Accent in Continuous Speech
Knight, R.-A.
The Effect of Pitch Span on Intonational Plateaux
Krahmer, E.; Ruttkay, Z.; Swerts, M.G.; Wesselink, W.
Pitch, Eyebrows and the Perception of Focus
Lacheret-Dujour, A.
The Intonational Marking of Topical Salience in Spontaneous Speech: Evidence from Spoken French
Lee, W.; Chen, F.; Luke, K.K.; Shen, L.
The Prosody of Bisyllabic and Polysyllabic Words in Hong Kong Cantonese
Le Gac, D.
Tonal Alternations and Prosodic Structure in Somali
Lim, L.; Ansaldo, U.
Prosodic Erosion as a Diagnostic of Grammaticalisation in Isolating Languages: Tone and Stress in Sinitic
Louali, N.; Mettouchi, A.
Structures intonatives en berbère: l'énoncé prédicatif à particule d-
Man, V.C.
Focus Effects on Cantonese Tones: An Acoustic Study
Marandin, J.-M.; Beyssade, C.; Delais-Roussarie, E.; Rialland, A.
Discourse Marking in French: C Accents and Discourse Moves
Marotta, G.
L'intonation des énoncés interrogatifs ouverts dans l'italien toscan
Martel, K.
Mutual Knowledge and Prosody in Young Children
Martin, P.
Regional Variations of Sentence Intonation in French: The Continuation Contour in Parisian French
Mayer, J.; Wildgruber, D.; Riecker, A.; Dogil, G.; Ackermann, H.; Grodd, W.
Prosody Production and Perception: Converging Evidence from fMRI Studies
Mejvaldova, J.; Horak, P.
Synonymie et homonymie attitudinale en tchèque et en français [Link to sound examples]
Menezes, C.M.; Erickson, D.M.; Fujimura, O.
Contrastive Emphasis: Comparison of Pitch Accents with Syllable Magnitudes
Mertens, P.
Synthesizing Elaborate Intonation Contours in Text-to-Speech for French
Milde, J.-T.; Gut, U.B.
A Prosodic Corpus of Non-Native Speech
Minematsu, N.; Sekiguchi, M.; Hirose, K.
Performance Improvement in Estimating Subjective Agedness with Prosodic Features
Mixdorff, H.; Amir, N.
The Prosody of Modern Hebrew: A Quantitative Study
Mixdorff, H.; Vainio, M.T.; Werner, S.; Järvikivi, J.
The Manifestation of Linguistic Information in Prosodic Features of Finnish
Miyamoto, T.; Johnson, C.
Accentual Phrasing in Japanese: The Significance of Underlying Accents
Möbius, B.; Dogil, G.
Phonemic and Postural Effects on the Production of Prosody
Navas, E.; Hernaez, I.; Ezeiza, N.
Assigning Phrase Breaks Using CARTs for Basque TTS
Nesterenko, I.
French Listeners Counting Syllables in Read French and Russian: Implications for the Cognitive Reality of Syllable
Nilsenova, M.
A Game-theoretical Approach to the Meaning of Intonation in Rising Declaratives and Negative Polar Questions
Oliveira, M.
Pausing Strategies as Means of Information Processing in Spontaneous Narratives
den Ouden, H.; Noordman, L.; Terken, J.
The Prosodic Realization of Organizational Features of Texts
Oudeyer, P.-Y.
Novel Useful Features and Algorithms for the Recognition of Emotions in Human Speech
Oudeyer, P.-Y.
The Synthesis of Cartoon Emotional Speech
Pan, H.-H.
The Location of F0 Offset Targets for Taiwanese Long Tones
Payà Canals, M.
Incidental Clauses in Spoken Catalan: Prosodic Characteristics and Pragmatic Function [Link to sound examples]
Pellegrino, F.; Chauchat, J.-H.; Rakotomalala, R.; Farinas, J.
Can Automatically Extracted Rhythmic Units Discriminate Among Languages?
Peters, J.
Tonal Effects on Rhythm in West Middle German
Pietrosemoli, L.E.; Mora, E.
Dysprosody in Three Patients with Vascular Cerebral Damage
Piot, O.; Lyaghat, M.
Expression et reconnaissance de onze attitudes assertives et interrogatives en persan standard
Portes, C.; Rami, E.; Auran, C.; Di Cristo, A.
Prosody and Discourse: A Multilinear Analysis
Post, B.
French Tonal Structures
Prieto, P.
Coarticulation and Stability Effects in Tonal Clash Contexts in Catalan
Qian, Y.; Pan, W.
Prosody Word: The Lowest Constituent in the Mandarin Prosody Processing
Rialland, A.; Doetjes, J.; Rebuschi, G.
What is Focused in C'est XP qui/que Cleft Sentences in French?
Riecker, A.; Wildgruber, D.; Dogil, G.; Mayer, J.; Ackermann, H.; Grodd, W.
Hemispheric Lateralization Effects of Rhythm Implementation During Syllable Repetitions: A fMRI Study
Rietveld, T.; Kerkhoff, J.
The Temporal Alignment of L*H Accents
Rilliard, A.; Aubergé, V.
Towards a Linguistic Validation of a Prosodic Generation Model
Rolland, G.; L¦venbruck, H.
Characteristics of the Accentual Phrase in French: An Acoustic, Articulatory and Perceptual Study
Salvo Rossi, P.; Palmieri, F.; Cutugno, F.
A Method for Automatic Extraction of Fujisaki-Model Parameters
Sander, K.; Roth, P.; Scheich, H.
The Identification of Sad Prosodies Differentiates between High and Low Repressive Women
Sauerland, U.; Bott, O.
Prosody and Scope in German Inverse Linking Constructions
Schaeffler, F.; Wretling, P.; Strangert, E.
On the Development of a Quantity Typology for Swedish Dialects
Schirmer, A.; Kotz, S.A.
Sex Differentiates the STROOP-Effect in Emotional Speech: ERP Evidence
Schön, D.; Magne, C.; Schrooten, M.; Besson, M.
The Music of Speech: Electrophysiological Approach
Schweitzer, A.; Braunschweiler, N.; Morais, E.
Prosody Generation in the SmartKom Project
Selkirk, E.
Contrastive FOCUS vs.Presentational Focus : Prosodic Evidence from Right Node Raising in English
Simon, A.C.; Grobet, A.
Intégration ou autonomisation prosodique des connecteurs
Smirnova, N.S.
On the Phonological Status of the HL*H vs. H*LH Timing-Related Tonal Opposition in Dutch
Sugahara, M.
Conditions on Post-FOCUS Dephrasing in Tokyo Japanese
Thurgood, E.
The Recognition of Geminates in Ambiguous Contexts in Polish
Todd, R.
Speaker-Ethnicity: Attributions Based on the Use of Prosodic Cues
Tseng, C.-Y.
The Prosodic Status of Breaks in Running Speech: Examination and Evaluation
Ulbrich, C.
A Comparative Study of Intonation in Three Standard Varieties of German
Venditti, J.J.; Stone, M.; Nanda, P.; Tepper, P.A.
Discourse Constraints on the Interpretation of Nuclear-accented Pronouns
Viallet, F.; Teston, B.; Jankowski, L.; Purson, A.; Peragut, J.-C.; Regis, J.; Witjas, T.
Effects of Pharmacological versus Electrophysiological Treatments on Parkinsonian Dysprosody [Link to sound examples]
Vizcaino Ortega, F.
A Preliminary Analysis of Yes/No Questions in Glasgow English
Wagner, P.S.; Fischenbeck, E.M.
Stress Production and Perception in German Stress Clash Environments
Watanabe, M.
Fillers as Indicators of Discourse Segment Boundaries in Japanese Monologues
Welby, P.
The Realization of Early and Late Rises in French Intonation: A Production Study
Wendt, B.; Scheich, H.
The "Magdeburger Prosodie-Korpus"
Wretling, P.; Strangert, E.; Schaeffler, F.
Quantity and Preaspiration in Northern Swedish Dialects
Yang, Y.F.; Wang, B.
Acoustic Correlates of Hierarchical Prosodic Boundary in Mandarin
Yuan, J.; Shih, C.; Kochanski, G.P.
Comparison of Declarative and Interrogative Intonation in Chinese
Yuen, I.
Tonal Invariance and Downtrend in Cantonese
Zaki, A.; Rajouani, A.; Luxey, Z.; Najim, M.
Rules Based Model for Automatic Synthesis of F0 Variation for Declarative Arabic Sentences
Zee, E.
The Effect of Speech Rate on the Temporal Organization of Syllable Production in Cantonese
Zellner Keller, B.
Revisiting the Status of Speech Rhythm
Zetterholm, E.
Intonation Pattern and Duration Differences in Imitated Speech
Zharkova, N.
Acquisition of Prosody in Russian
Zu, Y.; Zheng, H.
Effect of Prosodic Structure on Segmental Variants


Editors of the Proceedings: Bernard Bel & Isabelle Marlien

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